We’ve opened!

Well, well, well Spun Candy is now open and trading. Let’s have a big cheer please and a round of applause.

It took months of hard work, planning and friendly banter with our lovely builders to open the doors of Spun Candy on 12th September 2013. At times we thought this day was never going to arrive. For so long it felt as if we were on the biggest school project ever and then all of a sudden things became real. We would say this point arrived around 3 weeks before launch when the stunning pick and mix stand arrived. This is the moment we realised our store and product was going to capture the imagination of so many customers.

Following the delicate erection of the pick and mix stand, the cleaning frenzy took hold. It was a frenzy as we were desperate to clean up after the builders so that our candy makers could finally start boiling sugar and doing what they do best. In the week before we opened, we lost count of the number of people who randomly said “SPUN?” as they walked past the shop. People were mystified about what we were going to be doing in store. However, confusion turned to delight when they realised they could watch our handmade candy being made. There was a buzz around Covent Garden. We were the new concept store in town and didn’t we know it.

Opening day came and went and for those who have tasted our candy, we believe that they realise we are different. Feedback on the candy, flavours, packaging, branding and the concept itself has been incredibly positive. We are fortunate to have some very high end businesses already interested in working with us. We are excited and very proud to be open and trading.

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