Welcome to Spun

Welcome to our brand new blog on our brand new website! We can’t wait to show you our soon-to-be brand new candy shop.

This blog is where we will keep you updated with the latest ‘Spun’ news, share with you some sweet treats and anything else we think might put a smile on your face!

All of us here at Spun Candy are working hard at the moment to make sure that our shop in Covent Garden will be the most magical candy shop around! In august we will be ready to open our doors and invite you inside to taste some of our delicious hand made treats! All our confectionery is hand made in-store using traditional methods and the best ingredients. And the best bit is that you can come in and watch how it’s done! Our candy makers will be making candy in the shop everyday and they can’t wait to get going!

We love all things sweet and we’ll be creating new flavours and confectionery all the time. And we’re not stopping at rock candy. Fudge, nougat, caramels, brittle, popcorn and candyfloss will all be making an appearance and you won’t want to miss any of those!

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