Valentine’s Day Candy Treats

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, men and women across the globe will have gifts on the mind. There are always the classics of course; flowers and chocolates, perfume and aftershave, spa days and back rubs. All are great gifts, if not a little predictable… Why not try something different this year? Something with a more personal and creative touch perhaps?

At Spun Candy we are offering you the opportunity to create your own bespoke hard rock, in whatever design is right for you. How about a heart? Or a smiley? How about your own logo and text, to make certain you get your message across? The colour, the flavour, even the packaging it comes in; everything is up to you and however you want to tell that special someone you love them this year.

Everything is handmade (making this both personal AND creative) and can be wrapped up with either love, adoration or lust. Okay, that might not be entirely true, but everything IS crafted by hand, which is our guarantee of quality. We offer expert advice on everything to do with your candy; the perfect flavour combinations, the most effective colours and even the most appealing packaging.

We don’t make you do all the work, though. We also have a fantastic range of handmade mixes, jars and lollypops, specially selected by our expert confectioners, with both classic flavour combos and clever mixes to celebrate a special day. Don’t just take our word for it though. Feel free to come down and visit us at our Covent Garden Kitchen and watch the magic unfold.

We take our handmade candy very seriously…which is why we focus so hard on making it fun. We take the finest natural flavours and combine them with a stir of creativity and a sprinkle from our secret recipes.  With this unbeatable blend we know we can make the most delicious and exciting candy around and make the one you love very happy this Valentine’s Day.

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