Spun’s Corporate Candy

The marketing industry is ever expanding. Companies across the globe are now willing to spend incredible sums of money, in the hope that people see and remember their brand. Posters, banners, leaflets, brochures; the list is extensive. The problem is though that a poster can be ignored and a leaflet discarded. There is an overwhelming supply of data and information that is thrust in front of us each day, so much so that we may have become desensitised to traditional methods.

Maybe it’s time to try something new. At Spun Candy we are a concept confectionery. We love developing and crafting our handmade treats to surprise and delight our customers. But what really gets us going is innovative design; bringing candy to life in new and exciting ways.

Using Candy as a marketing tool for your business can create a huge impact at a very low unit cost. Plus the power is all yours. YOU design the candy based on knowledge of YOUR clients and what best represents YOUR company ethos. We can even offer creation at corporate events; developing branded candy on site that makes sure your company is the talking and tasting point of the day.

Plus nothing can bring people together quite like candy; something we have seen time and time again at our fantastic team building exercises. Let creative juices flow as your staff members are unleashed upon the Spun Candy kitchen. Here they are taught the finer points of candy creation and have the chance to design and develop their own range.

With 20 natural flavours to choose from, all available as both vegetarian and gluten free treats, the branded candy that you create, whether it be for promotion, marketing, or as a corporate gift, will not only leave a lasting impression with your client, but also taste incredible. Every piece is handmade; no oversize factories with sketchy health and safety, but instead real people with a real passion for confectionery. Want to meet them? Then come and say hi at our Covent Garden kitchen and see them at work.

Next time you’re racking your brain trying to think of a way to grab potential customer’s attention, maybe move away from traditional means. With our bespoke corporate candy you will have the most delicious and tempting marketing tool there is. Just make sure that it reaches the client…

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