The Spun Candy Pop-Up Kitchen and Master Classes

Wherever we take the Spun Candy show it amazes us how excited people are to get involved. There is something magical about the treats we produce; a process that transports adults back to their childhood and the wonder of the perfectly made sweet. At Spun Candy we love getting out of the shop to events and exhibitions, both to show off the skills of our Master Confectioners, as well as to promote and market our client’s businesses. Our Pop-Up Kitchen is one way we showcase our candy production; the type of show that will have visitors at any venue or event both drawling and drawn in equal measure.

As with most things at Spun Candy we offer a Bespoke Service that targets exactly the area or audience you want; whether that is a special treat for a loved one or on a larger corporate scale, to create a buzz around your company. The Pop-Up Kitchen offers this corporate service by creating a personalised hard rock on site. This can run either throughout the day, to help bring that fast moving exhibition traffic to a standstill, or instead brief lessons in confectionery art, to offer visitors a more personal touch. We lend you our expert team for the day and whatever your desires (within reason of course) they are happy to oblige. Amaze audiences with a handcrafted design that will leave them with both a lasting impression and a delicious treat.

We also offer our Expert Master Classes, which can take place either in our Covent Garden Kitchen or on site elsewhere. The most common team building exercises we see include going out for a drink or even bowling. Effective? Potentially; Exciting? No. With our master classes we offer your employees the chance to design and craft their own range of candy. This can be based on their personal preferences, if you want to unleash their creative flair, or be more structured, to build team spirit and cooperation. The objectives of the day are yours; just leave the fun to us. On average we take groups of 6-8 for each session (though this can be negotiated under special circumstances) and food and drink are all included.

Whether your business is big or small and whatever industry you find yourself in, at Spun Candy we believe that our bespoke hard rock can provide the perfect marketing tool to set you apart from your rivals. The good folks at Virgin Atlantic certainly agreed. In 2013 we took our pop up kitchen to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Terminal Three in London Heathrow. The staff were keen to give their passengers a magical Christmas experience before their flight, as a thank you for choosing their airline. The candy we created on site consisted of Sir Richard Branson lollies, candy roses, Christmas candy cane and a selection of colourful and tasty hard rock. We offered demonstrations throughout December that wowed passengers both young and old, with a personalised Virgin treat to take away with them on the flight.

So next time you’re standing behind your stall at an important exhibition and watching the crowds roll by just wondering, ‘how can I make them stop?’ Just think of Spun Candy and our pop up kitchen. Give your potential customers something to remember you by and differentiate yourself from every other company. It worked for Sir Richard and his lovely Heathrow staff; so why not for you?

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