Spun Candy Creator App

Whether you’re a Spun Candy fanatic or looking to enjoy our unique brand of natural hard rock for the very first time, the new Spun Candy Creator App allows you to immerse yourself in our bespoke candy world. Letting you instantly build your own distinctive brand of delicious sweet, as well as link to our online shop, this small addition to your mobile or tablet could prove to be a huge change in the way you order candy.

At Spun we understand the importance of keeping things interactive and engaging with our customers online. That is why when you download the app we give you the opportunity to earn 5%, 10% or 20% off, just by connecting to Facebook and spreading the word. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Why not take advantage and download the app now, to see exactly how easy it is.

With the app you’re able to access a host of Spun Candy services with just the touch of a button. When you ‘Get Started’ you are shown a simple online form to create an individual design:

First we ask for Text, Layout and Type. Here you can write those words you’ve been dying to say, in a way that is special to you and a shape that says it all. Next add Symbols. Try a cute animal character perhaps, or a birthday cake if you’re celebrating! For Patterns and Colour you can choose between a single or striped design in whatever colours you choose. The decision is yours! Lastly (and most importantly) your choice of flavour. If you have an absolute favourite go single, or you can experiment with a combo. We’ll be here to direct you to the perfect partnership based on exactly what you like.

Alternatively you can upload an image, showing us what inspires you and letting us recreate it in candy form. This is what makes the app so incredibly useful.  When you see something amazing just take a picture, open the app and upload the image. It’s that simple!

As well as our bespoke design feature, we have also put a direct link to our online store. Creating your candy can be tiring, so topping up on some of our classic combos might be just the thing you need to get your energy up.

We link you direct to our Instagram profile too through the gallery. This regularly updated page can inspire the perfect treat, so make sure to follow and like us for the most up to date designs on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

We love to hear from our fans. The Contact Us page on the app gives you all the info you could possibly need, to email, phone, or come visit our Covent Garden Kitchen.

So keeping the Spun Candy team with you couldn’t be easier. Simply search Spun Candy Creator in your app store and let your imagination go wild, whenever and wherever you are inspired.

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