Spun Candy Corporate Branded Candy

In marketing creating the perfect brand is paramount for a business to be successful and crafting an image that potential customers and clients can relate to is what every owner craves. But once that brand is created and that image given exposure the next important step is to not only supply a high quality service or product, but to keep reinventing yourself in new and creative ways. Spun Candy is giving you that opportunity with our Corporate Branded Candy; ideal for making you stand out from the crowd and helping to create that sales-defining buzz.

At Spun Candy we have crafted bespoke, branded sweets for a host of top brands and have developed a close relationship with every one. Whether it is for an event or exhibition to grab the attention of potential business, or a marketing campaign that includes our branded treats as gifts to potential clients and industry professionals, each project is targeted at meeting personal goals and requirements. Whatever way your business needs promoting through a delicious, personalised sweet is where Spun’s candy comes into its element.

Our most recent branded project was with the renowned designer Lulu Guiness, whose handbags, purses and accessories have become fashion must haves. The collaboration came when providing branded humbugs and hard candy for their latest range, the sweetshop inspired SS14 collection. The sweets needed to meet the same elegant, bold standard of the bags included in the range. Lick ‘ n Mix, Lips Mix and Lulu’s Mix are all available from both our Covent Garden Store or Lulu herself at luluguinness.com and each reflect her mischievous nature and the sweet shop collection to a tee.

Other notable recipients of our branded candy were Virgin Atlantic, who we sent our Pop Up kitchen at Heathrow for a Christmas treat and Burt’s Bees, with our ‘Lip Candy’ invites. We have also worked with both Mecca Bingo and Ted Baker, to give each of them the same unique specialist Spun Candy treatment. The renown of these brands shows the progress that Spun have made and how quickly too. We are devoted to confectionery and always look to make sure that our candy comes across in exactly that way. So if you are a company that is also passionate about your industry then let us showcase that to the world with some personal and delicious Corporate Branded Candy.

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