Spun Candy Confectionery Team

At Spun Candy we are both incredibly lucky and unbelievably proud to have some of the most talented and passionate confectioners that the industry has to offer. The fantastically creative and exciting strides we are taking in candy creation doesn’t just happen by accident; there is an exceptional team behind every decision and every innovation along the way. From our bespoke occasion candy to our marketing solutions that are taking the corporate world by storm, every decision and every new range comes from the inventive imaginations of a select few who have the drive to make them reality.

As the core creators behind Spun’s extensive range of treats, the confectionery team know their hard rock from their lollies and how to make your dreams a reality when it comes to sweets. Magic happens in the Covent Garden Kitchen, as natural flavours and intricate techniques are combined on a daily basis. We have worked closely with some huge brands from across the globe; Virgin Atlantic, Ted Baker and Lulu Guinness to name but a few and often the magicians behind these wonderful collaborations fail to get the recognition they deserve.

One thing we are sure of at Spun Candy is that creative, gifted confectioners are born and not made. The proof we have for this is simply down to fate. Finding such a talented team that has developed such a successful relationship is what has made us who we are today. They may all have taken different paths, but that one passion that burns true inside has brought them together, for which we are thankful.

Take Nathan for example who studied Philosophy and Theology, Ciara who studied Sculpture and Corinna who has a MA in fashion, design and management. Pawal, Maciek and Kasia have all travelled across Europe to be with us at Spun Candy HQ from their homeland of Poland, all with experience in making delicious treats and boosting our team’s knowledge.  Nicola loves cats and the occasional sherry, Joao surfing and music. They all may have different backgrounds, be from different countries, have different interests, but what is important is that they all were born with a burning passion for candy and the inventiveness to create bespoke masterpieces for all occasions.

So really we wanted to just give you a little insight into the workings of Spun Candy and the real heroes of our success. You can find out more about our team here or feel free to pop in and say hi at any point. We all would love to see you.


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