Spun Candy Caricature Lollipops

Each of us is unique in our own way, with many of our physical features the things that help define us as people. From hair colour to piercings, we are all striving to create an identity and it is a combination of these that help make us who we are. Art often reflects reality in this way and throughout history there have been incredibly talented and famous artists who have interpreted real life and splashed it across a canvas. But unfortunately for the likes of Picasso, Warhol and Rembrandt there is a new art form in town and this one isn’t only stunning to look at but delicious too. The artist? Spun Candy of course.

Our range of caricature lollipops are the innovative new way to immortalise yourself and your friends in art form. It is yet another bespoke service offered by the expert confectioners at Spun Candy, with the sole intention of bringing fun and excitement to any event. Imagine having the opportunity to lick Grandma’s face or bite off your best friend’s ear, with the taste replaced by delicious natural flavours.

All you need to do is send in a photograph of the person or people you are looking to have caricatured and for a fee of just £36 we are able to produce our caricature interpretation (albeit slightly sweeter) of that face or faces. All you need to do is email through your order then come and collect from our Covent Garden kitchen, a fantastic excuse (as if you need one) to watch our team in action through the factory window and pick up some more treats in the process.

So no matter whether you are ginger or brunette, bearded or smooth, have a quiff or balding; anything and everything is possible as we make sure that your caricature is like looking into our confectionery mirror. Great for sharing with friends or family, adding a personal touch to your special event, or also as a creative new way to market your business; with corporate caricatures to sweeten that deal or win over a tricky client. The possibilities are endless. For as many people as there are on the planet there is a candy caricature to be made (though twins can obviously share) So get in touch today to immortalise yourself in art form; just make sure you eat it rather than hang it on a wall.

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