New Treats for Easter

With Easter just around the corner people across the UK will be starting to think about chocolate. Very traditional, very Easter and very predictable. We agree wholeheartedly with the view that Easter should be celebrated both for its religious connotations, but also with plenty of tasty treats for family and loved ones to enjoy together. Chocolate is the obvious choice of course, but who wants to be obvious? Spun Candy can offer you some pretty special ideas that are perfect for a time of year where families come together to celebrate. No matter what your favourite treat, Spun has something on offer to make this an Easter to remember.

With our bespoke hard rock you have the opportunity to express in candy exactly how you feel about Easter. As an expert confectioners there is no design too elaborate for us to attempt on your behalf and get perfectly across what you are trying to say. From the design to uploaded logos, patterns to a selection of delicious natural flavourings, the choice is yours for the perfect treat to celebrate. Even the outer packaging can be personalised, to create a gift that is not only delicious but will continue to be special well after the sweets inside have been devoured.

But we also know that candy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (though this may be because they haven’t tried our unique and delicious combinations yet…) which is why we have been experimenting in the Covent Garden kitchen to bring you something a little different. We want to make sure that at this special time of year no matter what your family’s favourite treat is, we will have something on offer to tickle their taste buds.

We now offer a delightful range that moves away from traditional hard rock and towards other sweets that you would expect from an old fashioned sweet shop, but given a Spun Candy modern twist. We bring them right up to the 21st century, whilst making sure to retain those classic flavours that transport people back to their childhood.

Our new range includes our fantastic Nut Brittle and Nut Toffee. Made from natural ingredients and with the same care and attention as all of our treats, these are for those who love a bite to their candy. Sweet and crunchy, these are quickly becoming a favourite among the confectioners, let alone the customers! Our new homemade Fudge comes in a variety of flavours; plain, vanilla and mixed nut. Beautifully creamy and great for those with a sweet tooth. Our new Honeycomb is another melt in your mouth sweet that has a gorgeous natural taste and is perfect when sprinkled over ice cream (if it can last that long!) Last, but by no means least, are our Dragées. These are caramelised almonds that have been dipped in chocolate and then coated in icing sugar to create a real luxury sweet that it is almost impossible to share.

So yes, you could pick up a packaged chocolate egg from the supermarket, sure. But if you are really looking to make this year’s Easter celebrations extra special, then try Spun Candy. Whether it is personalised hard rock or a choice from our new selection of delicacies you make this a holiday to remember. Happy Easter!

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