Exhibiting at the TFM&A and BNC Events

We have had both the pleasure and the privilege in the last few weeks to be able to attend and exhibit at some fantastic industry events. This has enabled us not only to spread the Spun Candy word but also to meet and speak with a host of new businesses; trading advice with fellow exhibitors and guests alike.

The Buyers Networking Club (BNC) Global Event Show at The Brewery in London is an incredibly rewarding exhibition geared towards Corporate Event Management. Those who attend have the chance to sign up to the coveted BNC association and gain key insight and advice from its 1000 members. The show is a valuable way of sharing and experiencing new ideas, with the opportunity to meet individuals and businesses that you otherwise would have never thought to seek out. For us it was great to see people’s reaction to the idea of corporate bespoke candy as a marketing tool and be able to share our successes so far. What we found made this event so special was that all the guests were there to learn. From seminars from top brand leaders to exhibitors like ourselves, those attending were given a master class in marketing and everyone we met was enthusiastic and raring to take on board all they had learnt.

We met a very similar response at The Technology for Marketing and Advertising (TFM&A) event at the Olympia in London. The biggest marketing, media and advertising exhibition there is, there were over 300 leading suppliers showcasing everything that is great about the industry. It is an event that looks to display the innovative technologies currently on the market and has seen in the past the early stages of the 3D printer and looks to reveal the latest in app development. It was an absolute pleasure to exhibit Spun Candy for them as a completely new and imaginative marketing technique that they likely had never thought of using before.

Social Media is a huge part of advertising in today’s technology driven society. This is why we were so thrilled to see the response our candy received from industry professionals at both of these events. If you head on over to our twitter page you will see, alongside the incredible feedback we received, some pictures of our gorgeous ladies proudly representing Spun, as well as snaps of the candy itself.

There are two things that we can be certain of at Spun Candy. Firstly, that our treats are made from only natural ingredients and are quite frankly delicious! Secondly, that events such as the BNC show and the TFM&A are a wonderful way for individuals and businesses to expand their understanding of marketing. They have a chance to experience creative and exciting new ways to attract and engage with clients. As exhibitors we had so much fun, but also learnt a lot as well. If we were able to provide the same enjoyment for the visiting guests too, then we have done our job and look forward to meeting them again soon.

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