Spun Candy’s Fashion and Beauty Marketing

You don’t always relate candy and rock with beauty and fashion, but at Spun Candy we are looking to buck that trend. The Spun name is becoming synonymous with these industries and offers fashion and beauty marketing like no other! We have been lucky to work with some incredible, world renowned brands on their marketing campaigns; providing delicious tailored treats and creating a buzz across social media. It is an area we would love to continue to excel in and with these case studies to our name, there is no reason why we can’t play a huge part in helping major brands for a long time to come.

One company we adored working with was the team at the luxury fashion brand, Yves Saint Laurent. Here we helped them promote their exciting new product ‘Kiss and Blush’, an innovative mix between lipstick and blusher. This fantastic 2-in-1 Lip Cheek Tint gave us the inspiration to craft a bespoke branded jar of mixed Spun Candy rock. These jars provided a huge impact amongst the beauty editors, makeup artists and beauty bloggers to whom they were sent. The social media response was huge and the candy became a symbol of the new range.

The designer clothes brand Ted Baker was another that we worked closely with on a campaign, with incredible success. We worked with Fluorescent PR on this project, as we did with Burt’s Bees Lip Colour Launch too and who have been great advocates of the Spun brand. The difference in this project was that Ted Baker came to us, taking over the store and filling it with their fabulous new Spring Summer 14 shoe and bag collection. Invited guests were given the chance to shop whilst crafting their own candy roses and lollipops, with our enthusiastic team on hand to help. Special ‘shoe’ candy was given away to each attendee too, as a way to celebrate an occasion that we know we will never forget.

Lastly was iconic wedding designer, Vera Wang, who we helped with a fabulous new Bejewelled Vera Wang Rouge range; a floral, fruity Eau de Parfum for discerning ladies. This red current, gardenia and praline fragrance inspired us to craft inventive designer lollies; equally fruity and sweet-smelling but much, much more tasty! The lollies were used for their cosmetic launch and were gratefully received.

A special mention should also go to Lulu Guinness, for who we provided specialist candy to again help promote their latest range and with every piece given a Spun and Lulu twist!

So if candy hasn’t always been associated with Beauty and Fashion, perhaps that is all beginning to change. Our Corporate Candy offering gives us the opportunity to work with incredible brands on exciting and creative new projects, with the fashion industry just one group that has chosen to take advantage. We hope there will be many more too and can’t wait to share some more of our Spun marketing magic with the world!

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