strawberry candy

Our candy confectioners deliver time after time incredible tasting candy. With 30 natural flavourings and a product range to impress, there is something for every customer.

Visit our open retail kitchen and see our candy being made.

With sugar bubbling at close to 200 degrees, natural flavours, a pinch of colour and a spark of creativity we make every single piece of candy by hand within our open retail kitchen.

Why not come and watch and enjoy the experience. Once the fresh candy is slowly cooling you will be offered the opportunity of feeling, tasting and enjoying the hot sticky sweet treat. What other sweet shop invites you into their kitchen and offers mouth-watering samples? Spun Candy does!

If you cannot make it to one of our stores you can of course order some of our delights online. Alternatively if you wish to simply know a bit more about our candy you can view photos of the candy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. For details of any special offers, events or competitions we would delighted if you signed up to our newsletter.

All of our candy is gelatine free and suitable for vegetarians.

Hard Rock Candy

Hard rock is our signature candy and by far the most fun to watch as we customise each piece. Each time you visit our store you experience a different style and you just do not know what we will be making next.

Hard rock fruit flavours

Blueberry Candy


Strawberry Candy


Cherry Candy


Raspberry Candy


Watermelon Candy


Passion Fruit Candy

Passion Fruit

Pineapple Candy


Apple Candy


Orange Candy


Lemon Candy


Lime Candy


Mandarin Candy


Grapefruit Candy



Our super sours will make your eyes water and blow you away.


Butterscotch spun with cream, butter and a little mischief. Just simply irresistible.

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