Order process

The ordering process is simple. You decide what you want and we make it for you. Please read on…

Pick the design of your candy

This can include letters, words, logos or themes within the hard rock candy.

We also make bespoke lollipops or creative candy sculptures. If you’re stuck for inspiration take a look at some of our previous candy designs in our candy gallery or contact us for ideas.

Pick the colours

Block colour, black and white, rainbow stripes? Anything goes. Let the child within loose.

Decide which delicious flavour your candy should be

Have a look at our list of our flavours. We only use natural flavourings so whatever you choose it’s sure to taste amazing. If you wish you can mix two flavours together to make your very own fruity combination.

If you are in two minds about your flavours pop in and see us in store for some samples or order some candy from our online store.


Once you have decided on the design, colour and flavour it’s time to think about how you would like it packaged.

We can package it for you in jars, bags or pouches Pictures and sizes are on the enquiry form. We also offer a bespoke labelling service to make your occasion more unique.

If you prefer to use your own packaging that is fine. We can give you your candy as it comes in kilo bulk bags or package them in store for you.

The experience

If you would like to experience the whole candy making process you can also come and watch your candy being made in store.

Let’s go and order

You can put all this information into our easy to use online enquiry form and we will contact you to confirm the details. If you are struggling with the online order process contact us as we can take your order by telephone.

Other Information

We sell our bespoke candy by the kilo.

The minimum order amount is determined by the nature of the design/logo you want. Once you have a design in mind simply email, call or visit us and we can let you know the minimum amount and price for your order.

Please remember that all our candy is handmade. This is what makes it special. It also means that we cannot guarantee exact colour matches and that pieces may differ in size, shape and logo/design definition due to the nature of the making process.

Orders can take between 7-21 days to produce depending on the season and what you require. However, we will always try to accommodate your candy needs.

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