There’s so much to choose from! What is a good combination of colours, design and flavours?

Do not worry our team can help. We’re very friendly and love to talk about our candy. Just email us on dubai@spuncandy.com or abudhabi@spuncandy.com, call us on (04) 3308700 or visit us in our store at Candylicious, The Dubai Mall, LG 171, opposite The Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

How much will my personalised candy order cost?

This depends entirely on the order itself. Generally speaking we charge AED 220 per kilo of custom candy.

What is the minimum order for custom candy?

The minimum amount you can order is determined by the design required. For more information please fill in one of our easy to use enquiry forms or simply contact us. As a guide two letters and heart is two Kilos of candy and then everything works up from there. Lollipops however can be bespoke made and there are no minimum orders.

What are your payment terms?

We require 50% of the cost to be paid on order and the remaining 50% to be paid once the candy has been made but prior to delivery. Any orders placed cannot be started until we have received the 50% deposit. All orders for production within 14 days require 100% payment before production.

How soon can my candy be ready?

Orders will usually be completed within 21 days. However, this is dependent on our schedule and may be extended at busy periods.

We know that our candy can make your event extra special so if you need something made quickly please contact us and we will do our best to make it happen. If you are lucky we can sometime squeeze in an urgent order and deliver within a few days.

Does the candy have an expiry date?

Generally we recommend consuming within a year of the date on which it was made. The candy is best kept inside its packaging and in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Do the colours have to match the flavours or can I mix it up?

The colours and flavours are added separately by hand. This means that you can have any combination of colours and flavours. Want an orange candy that tastes of strawberry? That’s fine by us. It’s all part of the fun, so get mixing.

Can I watch my candy being made?

Yes. All our candy is made by hand in our stores. We love to have an audience. If you want to see your candy being made just let us know and we can arrange a time to suit you.

How do you get the letters inside the candy?

This is our most frequently asked question. The best (and most fun) way to answer this is to show you. We make candy every day in our store in Candylicious Dubai Mall. Come by and see the magic happen.

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