Meet the Team – Covent Garden Store

Here at Spun Candy we’re very proud of our creative, talented team. Meet the people behind the Spun Candy magic.

Joao Penha e Costa

Master Candy Maker
Joao e Costa
  • Joao believes “The difference between success or failure is measured by how many times you try, so you need to keep trying”.
  • He loves the creative freedom of working in Spun’s Candy Kitchen.
  • Joao is driven by new products, people and places. (which is perfect for Spun Candy!)
  • Outside of work Joao is found spending time with his family and friends, mixed with music and the sound and feel of the waves under his surf board.
  • Prior to joining Spun candy, Joao had a varied career spanning 15 years in graphic design, illustration and cooking in kitchens across the world.

Nicola Aylett

Assistant Manager
Nicola Aylett
  • Nicola believes in the phrase “Look at your feet rather than the top of the hill” when you have a big task ahead, it keeps her focused on the job in hand.
  • She enjoys making challenging candy designs, organised schedules and making the shop tidy
  • A project or big order with happy staff drives Nicola. The satisfaction of seeing it all completed…before she moves on to the next client order.
  • A lover of arty things, design, partial to a sherry at Christmas and cats.
  • Prior to joining Spun Nicola studied fine art, was a retail manager and a designer of greeting cards.


Candy Maker
  • Ciara believes in putting a smile on the face of every customer who walks in our shop.
  • There’s nothing Ciara loves more than inventing new candy creations in the Spun sketchbook, using lots of bright colours of course!
  • What drives Ciara is learning new skills and creating new exciting mixes.
  • Outside work Ciara likes to visit the zoo and cook for her friends.
  • Previous to joining Spun Ciara studied sculpture at Camberwell college.


Candy Maker
  • Corinna believes in “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.”
  • She finds it exciting to acquire new skills, and creating and managing handmade products and making customers happy and satisfied.
  • Corinna is driven by having new experiences and chasing her dreams.
  • Apart from “enogastronomia” as all Italians, Corinna’s passions are entertaining friends, cooking, sculpting and painting, visiting art galleries and discovering new places.
  • Corinna has a degree in fashion design and worked for 5 years in the fashion industry. Prior to Spun, she worked as candy maker for another company meanwhile completing her MA in fashion, design and management.


Candy Maker
  • Kasia believes “You’re successful only when you have someone to share your success with”.
  • She loves it when people can’t believe that it’s possible to make candies with designs inside from a few pieces of caramel. Even if that happened in front of them!
  • She always needs a goal in her life. If she has it, she can do anything to reach it.
  • Outside of work Kasia enjoys the night life of London with her friends. She also likes to sleep (it’s really hard to do both sometimes). Kasia believes that the most important thing in life is to have your friends and beloved ones around you and make them happy.
  • Kasia came to London from Warsaw, where she was making candy for a year.


Candy Maker
  • Maciek believes “It is possible to achieve everything-you just need to believe!”.
  • He enjoys Spun Candy because you can do something from nothing, something that people will enjoy and appreciate as an art.
  • His strength comes from his artistic soul which has existed in Maciek’s family for many generations.
  • In Maciek’s spare time he enjoys gathering knowledge about Japanese culture. Also cooperation between human and bird predators.
  • Prior to joining Spun, Maciek spent a year and a half making sweets back in his home town in Poland.


Candy Maker
  • Nathan believes that the phrase that sums up his role is “The devil’s in the detail” when he’s making candy!
  • He likes everything to be as precise as possible to ensure an excellent piece of candy.
  • Nathan loves the fulfilling process of designing a piece of candy, making it, packing it, then selling it to a happy customer.
  • What drives him is a love of creation and the quest to make the perfect piece of candy (he doesn’t believe that this has happened yet).
  • He has a wide range of interests from woodwork to baking bread, anything that gets his hands dirty!
  • Before joining the Spun team Nathan studied Philosophy and Theology and worked in retail.


Candy Maker
  • Pawel believes “We are never perfect enough. It’s always a good time to improve yourself”.
  • He likes to see peoples amazed and impressed faces. It’s good to know that someone appreciates your work.
  • His drive comes from his mother who taught him how to make beautiful things. He wants to make her proud of him.
  • Outside work Pawel enjoys drawing, listening to music, playing computer games. His dream is to travel to New Zealand and the Scandinavia Peninsula to see Northern Lights.
  • He has a wide range of interests from woodwork to baking bread, anything that gets his hands dirty!
  • Prior to joining Spun Candy, Pawel spent 2 years making candy in Poland.

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