Candy Crush

Hello there Candy Crush fans, and welcome to our Candy Kingdom! We are going to tell you all about how we have transformed our candies in the game into real life, delicious creations.

mr toffeeCandy Crush Saga is set in the magically tasty world of the Candy Kingdom. It is here we meet our quirky yet extremely knowledgeable guide Mr. Toffee, who runs the Candy Store in Candy Town.

One magical day in Candy Town, Mr. Toffee opened his delicious store to find a little candy bag had been left on his doorstep. To his delight, inside the bag he found a little bundle of sweetness called Tiffi, so he took her in and brought her up as his daughter.

Tiffi has lots of friends in Candy Town but is eager to explore more of the mesmerizing kingdom. Under the watchful gaze of Mr. Toffee and alongside her great friend Yeti, she sets out to explore the Candy Kingdom.

tiffiTiffi starts her magical adventure in Candy Town and soon finds herself outside a shop she has never seen before. Tiffi is a curious girl and so she decides to peep inside to see what she can find. To her delight she was met by a friendly team of people who told her they were called Spun Candy.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Tiffi excitedly. ‘We are working hard to make the best candy in the world, using the finest natural flavours and ingredients. We make them all here by hand using love and creativity, and add a little sprinkle of our secret recipe. Would you like to try some?’

‘Sweet, this is delicious!’ Tiffi was so happy she wished she could share the amazing new candy with all of her friends in the Kingdom!

Spun Candy listened to Tiffi’s wish and started working hard to create some special sweets for her, as an extra treat they even made ones that looked like Mr Toffee, Yetti and all her favourite candies.

spun candy crush candy

‘Wow, this is truly magical, thank you Spun Candy’ beamed a very happy Tiffi. ‘I’ll take these special candies on my adventure for all of my friends; I do hope we meet again soon’.

tiffi happy


The Collections
Fans can mix and match a range of delicious and fruity treats from the fizzy hard-rock depths of the Lemonade Lake Collection, to the coconut Colour Bomb hard-rock in the Sweet Surprise Collection, the watermelon Mr Toffee hard-rock in the Candy Town Collection and a range of fruity flavours in the Lollipop Forest Collection.



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