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Dubai candy

Spun Candy have now opened in the fantastic candy emporium that is Candylicious in Dubai.

Candylicious is the largest candy store in the largest mall in the world, whose sweets exceed 5,000 different varieties and whose chocolate is sourced from the most renowned countries in the world; including Belgium and Italy. Their message is to ‘Eat Happy’ an ethos that we wholeheartedly agree with, as enjoying great candy and confectionery treats is about more than good flavour. They and we are devoted to making you smile while you eat, whether that be down to creative design or classic flavouring that transports you back in time.

Spun Candy occupies 550 sq. feet of the Candylicious Store in The Dubai Mall. The store itself consists of a candy conveyor belt, iconic Spun Candy pick and Mix, wall projections of our most delicious and sought after lines and a live candy theatre.

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